Today's collection of independent game links includes the announcement of a new Experimental Gameplay Project theme, an early look at Spiderweb Software's new RPG series, plus more XBL Indie Game recommendations to spend your MS Points on.

Experimental Gameplay: Casual Addiction
"Can you make the most casually addictive game possible? We’re giving you two months to find out."

Wolfire Games Blog: Gish goes open-source
"As promised in the Humble Indie Bundle, the indie game starring your favorite 12-pound ball of tar has had its source code released under the GNU General Public License."

Jay is Games: Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8
"For the 8th Casual Gameplay Design Competition, we are calling for entries designed to incorporate the sandbox theme."

Spiderweb Software: Just Announced - Avadon: The Black Fortress
"After six months of hard work, we have gotten our new fantasy RPG series to the point where we can announce it to the world. We will be putting monthly development diaries up in the nine months or so it will take to finish Avadon: The Black Fortress."

Dealspwn: XBL Indie Games, Top 5 Hidden Gems
"XBLA provides a fantastic games selection, but the Indie channel offers a huge number of great titles that simply don’t garner the mainstream respect and profits that they deserve. I’d like to shine the spotlight on a few games that will offer you big budget thrills for bargain basement prices."

Gamezebo: Where have all the good games gone
"Over the past couple of months, it has become painfully clear that the quality and quantity of download games is dropping. There are less download games being released each week, and of those that are released, many are just not good."

Gamasutra: PixelJunk's 2D Roots, 3D Future
"Gamasutra recently had a chance to speak to Dylan Cuthbert about the history of Q-Games, his work with Sony and Nintendo, and the thinking and technology behind the popular PixelJunk series."

Make 'em Up: Game Development Competition
"Make 'em Up (pictured) is a contest in which you enter with a team and a prototype of a game. The prize is a deal worth 65,000 Euros, but most of all it’s a chance to get your dream game finished and successful." [As always, please read the fine print first before participating in any competitions.]