Mamotte Knight (also known as Protect Me Knight) is basically a tower defense game with RPG elements, where you have to protect a princess from hordes of enemies who will try their utmost best to get to her. Every new level starts off with some basic fences and barricades that surround our princess, and you can also build new structures or even upgrade existing ones if you have stored enough magic points to create them.

You earn more magic points by killing enemies, while any unspent MPs can be traded in to level up your character after the completion of each stage. The Japanese demo features three of the ten levels from the full game, which is only available to purchase from the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for 240 MS Points.

Mamotte Knight really shines when you can get a few friends to play together, and the trial version even supports this option if you have a couple of controllers to plug in. The demo (again, Japanese only) can be downloaded from this page (by clicking on the black floppy disk) or by clicking here, but before trying it you should note that there's a chance it might not run on some PCs for some reason or another. (Windows, 16.1MB)