Charlie has released a huge nine minute long gameplay preview of his upcoming arena shooter Scoregasm, and it's looking pretty fantastic. Graphically, the setting reminds me a little of Sidhe's IGF finalist Shatter, which is definitely not a bad thing.

On each of Scoregasm's 50+ levels, there are three possible exits with different exits appearing appearing depending on how well you score. The game includes phrases such as 'Super Frenzy' and 'Death Sphere', both of which excite me greatly.

My advice is to watch the entire nine minutes - there's so much variety in enemy and boss battles and it's frantically action-packed throughout. The game is due for release sometime very soon, and pre-orders are currently being taken - $10 will get you the full game on release, while $15 will allow you access to the beta immediately.

For more info, visit Charlie's Games.