Originally a freeware PC game, then a WiiWare title, this Xbox Live Indie Games edition of Farbs' Fishie Fishie Fifty is a stripped down, multiplayer-focused barrel of laughs. It's also up to 52 player. Simultaneously. Yes, you read that right.

See, it's a one-button game, and since each Xbox controller has a plethora of buttons, each player can choose a button on any controller and claim it as his or her own. Each player controls a fish - pressing your button makes it spin clockwise, while letting go will make it surge anti-clockwise. There are tons of little fishes to eat on each level, and the winner is whoever eats the most fish.

I didn't manage to test the game out with 52 players - I don't think my flat holds that many people - but even with just a few players it's pretty good fun. There's only the single game mode, but for $1 you can't really complain. Definitely a great game for throwing on at a party ot gathering.

Grab Fishie Fishie Fifty from the Xbox Live Marketplace.