covetous.PNGCreated in 48 hours for Ludum Mini-Dare 20 with the theme 'Greed', Covetous is a rather disturbing experience. I'm going to discuss what it's about in the next paragraph, so you should go and play it first before reading on.

Initially, I thought it was the story of an embryo slowly growing inside a woman, eating all the food so that it could eventually grow into a baby. As the game progressed, I decided I'd got the wrong end of the stick - it is an embryo, but it's not a woman it's growing inside of. Without spelling it out fully (at the risk of spoiling it for anyone before they have the chance to figure it all out), 'another chance at life' leads to a rather special yet creepy scenario, with an even creepier ending.

Be warned: There are extremely naughty words involved towards the end. Play it at Newgrounds.