freqfire.JPGA video game has just entirely baffled me. Before you read on, go and play Griffle's Freq Fire. It's a musical shmup. Just go and play.

Done? Now you may understand my confusion, or you may be dying to dive into the comments section and berate me for my ignorance. Either way, this is how it goes - the player types a band into the box and then hits go. A fairly simple shooter follows, but with the music of your choice playing over it. This then gradually fades into another song by the same band, then into a song from another band, but usually of the same genre.

Ten tracks are played in total, spiralling through similar genres of music until reaching the original band again. My initial confusion sprung from wondering where exactly the music was being pulled from - my first thought was Spotify, but then I noticed the Amazon page for each track is linked at the end - indeed, the game must be grabbing Amazon's preview snippets for each track.

Then I wondered what exactly the game is for. I mean, it's an average shmup to say the least, but the idea of a sort of music discovery experience through gaming is intriguing - I can listen to snippets of bands I may like while blasting away, then look into them at the end of the game if I so wish.

I still feel like I'm missing something, though, and there's little detail on Griffle's site to suggest exactly what the purpose of the game is. Can anyone provide enlightenment?