Wine Pong is a pimped out version of the popular party game beer pong, where players on either side of a table try to place ping pong balls inside all of their opponent's glasses. Every time a ball lands inside a glass, that glass will be removed from the table. A winner is declared when their adversary has no glass left on their side of the table.

You can choose between two styles of play, each one affecting the way the ball is thrown. For slingshot mode, all you have to do is drag and release the ball to shoot it away from your end of the table. The freestyle method requires more skill among the two, since you need to flick the ball using careful hand and wrist motions to get it into an opponent's cup.

Occasionally a gem will appear at the top of a glass, and an extra free shot is given to the player if they manage to throw a ball into it before the jewel goes away.

There are ten characters to beat in the game.