Introversion Software has released the source code for two of its biggest hits, Darwinia and the multiplayer edition Multiwinia.

Both are available to buy from the Introversion online store, and cost $45/£30 for the two. Chris Delay of Introversion gave details in a forum post:

"The code is distributed via an online subversion repository, where you can not only access the vanilla sources, but also create your own branches to share with other developers. Purchase of this product also grants you access to the Darwinia and Multiwinia development forum and wiki, where you can discuss mods with other developers.

For those specifically interested in modding Multiwinia, we are running an entirely separate Metaserver for multiplayer testing. Each copy of the Source Code includes five authentication keys, meaning you can code changes to Multiwinia and test with 4 players and still have a key spare. "

Introversion has said that it will eventually release the source code for all its games - the source code for Uplink was already released a few years back.