Neo-noir sci-fi title Gemini Rue (formerly Boryokudan Rue) for the PC first attracted attention among enthusiasts of point-and-click adventure games when it was given the top prize at the 2010 Independent Game Festival's Student Showcase. The dark, story-driven tale features art, writing and programming by Joshua Nuernberger, with an atmospheric music score by composer Nathan Allen Pinard.

The JBurger was on hand at this year's E3 IndieCade booth, where Gemini Rue was playable alongside Puzzle Bots, B.U.T.T.O.N., Miegakure and other indie titles. In this video interview with Adam Robezzoli of Attract Mode, filmed by the Nobuooo site, the Adventure Game Studio contributor provides an introduction to the title's subtly intertwined dual storyline. The designer also shares his perspectives on the value of organizing game-related events (such as at E3's headquarters in Los Angeles) and the role of narrative in interactive media. Gemini Rue is currently planned for release later this year.