Man Enough is easily the most entertaining offering to come out of the No More Sweden game development jam, where a group of Swedish game developers get together for a weekend of mingling, drinking and game-making. In this collaborative project by Daniel Remar (Iji, Hero Core) and Erik Sjöstrand, you have to play four minigames at the same time while a catchy tune is repeated in the background.

There are only three buttons to use, and every time you press or hold a button some kind of action will happen in every minigame window. The first game is a straight-up vertical shooter, while the second is a dating sim with a suprise ending if you answer all of the questions correctly. The third window is a simple coin-collecting task, while the fourth involves assisting a shirtless man recover the golden Petri statue head. Holding the space key causes platforms to appear and bridge all gaps, and pressing the left or right cursor key instructs the man to move in the desired direction.

Download links for Man Enough (and other No More Sweden 2010 games) are available here. (Windows, 19.2MB)