Wonderful World is a freeware versus fighting game created with Enterbrain's 2D Fighter Maker engine, featuring thirteen playable characters to choose from, an array of basic and advanced special moves that are distinct to each fighter, and a combo system which expert players can use to chain a series of attacks on their opponents.

The assortment of moves available to you is displayed at the character selection screen, but you can find control instructions for every character in the html manual included with the game zip file as well. Note that you'll need to configure the keys first before starting the game, unless you wouldn't mind guessing what the default key configuration settings are.

You can switch between full screen and windowed mode by using the left Alt and Enter key, while the button configuration option is accessible via the menu bar. The latest version of Wonderful World can be acquired by clicking on the green-coloured 'Download Now' button at this page. (Windows, 149MB)