Today's collection of independent game links includes a new game release from former IGF winner Petri Purho, more indie game merchandises to spend your hard-earned cash on (assuming you had any left after all of the summer sale bargains), plus a date announcement for the next Ludum Dare game development event.

Kloonigames: Cut It
"I made a small game about cutting stuff. It started out as a tech test for a completely different game, but I ended up polishing up the test build and creating some levels for it."

Ludum Dare 18: August 20-22 Weekend
"The real deal is coming up August 20th-22nd weekend. We'll be working on some big changes and drafting up the new rules starting late July, so stay tuned."

Team Meat: Super Meat Boy T-shirts now in stock
"Show your true colors, pledge your allegiance. Order your own limited edition Super Meat Boy tshirt (pictured) today." Santa Cruz developers find market for their video games online
"Five years ago, neither Edmund McMillen nor the guys at Gaijin Games thought small video game developers like themselves would be able to successfully make games for console systems like the popular Nintendo Wii."

Cipher Prime Blog: We're moving and we need your help
"Moving takes a lot of time and money, which means we're going to have a moving sale. Both Auditorium and Fractal will be offered at $4.99 each."

No More Sweden: Over 15 Presentations Scheduled for NMS 2010
"Today's your last chance to sign up for No More Sweden 2010. We've scheduled over 15 presentations of unreleased indie games, prototypes and game theory discussions, not to mention that we'll be game jamming and creating even more indie game projects."