Today's collection of independent game links includes more competition announcements, a couple of game development updates, plus the usual interviews with indie game developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Boing Boing Arcade: Games Inspired by Music
"We've compiled a shortlist of finalists into a Boing Boing Arcade: try them all, then vote for who should take home the top prizes. The poll remains open until July 14 and we'll announce the winners on July 15."

Bytejacker: Interview with Scott Stoddard, creator of Robot Unicorn Attack
"We discuss the inspiration he took from games like Canabalt and Brutal Legend, some of the insane stuff Robot Unicorn fans have made, and the fact that Erasure has actually played the game. No, seriously."

The Escapist: Indie Dev Contest Entrants Can Keep Their IPs, says Activision
"Activision has clarified the terms of its indie game development contest, saying that entrants will keep ownership of their IP unless they decide to enter into a completely separate deal to have the company publish their game."

Big Download: We chat with ACE Team's co-founder about Rock of Ages
"ACE Team's co-founder Andres Bordeu to give us more info about Rock of Ages, including what the game was previously called."

Level 42: What did the Rastafarian cat say to the Glowing toucan
"I had the chance to interview Brendon Chung, a videogame developer and the founder of Blendo Games. We talked about his future endeavours, his games Flotilla and Gravity Bone, the nature of game development and the origins of Blendo Games." Game Development Toolset Stencyl Making The Big Leap Towards Flash
"The web-based Stencyl is one of many companies who attempts to make game development easier for the amateur developer, and the company recently told us about a slew of improvements coming to Stencyl, including support for Flash."

The Games Collective: The Fourth TGC Pageant, 10 Years
"There's no theme for this one, just the deadline. Entrants have ten years to come up with a game for the pageant."