Today's collection of independent-related links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net.

Develop: Why publishers nixed Joe Danger
"Hello Games struggled to convince publishers that Joe Danger (pictured) would sell. Sean Murray, a programmer at the studio, went through a list of reasons why the game was turned down, quoting what he had heard from various publishers in meetings."

Indie Superstar: Eitan Glinert, Andy Moore, Jeff Rosen
"What really goes on behind the scenes of indie game development? Did you know that most indies know each others’ darkest secrets? We climb into the cage with three devs and let them fight it out."

GamerBytes: Nexuiz To Use CryEngine 3
"The Indie PC shooter Nexuiz will be leaving it's original Quake One roots when it comes to the XBLA and PSN -- it will be moving to the far-flung future by using CryEngine 3."

The Witness: Location Development
"Gameplay is the utmost concern; this being a puzzle game, you spend a long time solving puzzles, so it’s important to make that feel good."

Kotaku: The Man Who Will Bring Us To The Fourth Dimension
"Marc ten Bosch really is a man who sculpts in 4D, and his chisel is programming code. The statue emerging from his block of marble is a video game called Miegakure, a game that could teach us how to think and move in the fourth dimension."

GameSetWatch: Rohrer's Primrose Releases On DSiWare
"Sabarasa has released Primrose, the serene puzzler from art game designer and 2009 IGF Innovation award winner Jason Rohrer (Between, Sleep Is Death), for DSiWare today. Previously released for iPhone, Primrose is now available through the Nintendo DSi's download service for just 200 Points."

Touch Arcade: Gaijin Games' WiiWare Title Bit.Trip Beat Coming to iPhone, iPad
"Gaijin Games has teamed up with Namco Bandai to bring an adaptation of their Wiiware title Bit.Trip Beat to the App Store."

KwikLook Blog: Sulkeis
"Sulkeis is a ‘demake’ of the popular 2003 GameMaker game, Seiklus, as indicated by the game’s title. This brilliant adventure has a great chance of being awarded in Game Jolt’s ‘Indie Game Demake’ contest."