Today's collection of independent game links includes presentations from No More Sweden 2010, game development updates, and the release of Eversion on Steam. (image source) Spooky Platformer Eversion Gets Polished Up for Steam
"One of the creepiest and most entertaining freeware action games has gone commercial. As a platformer, Eversion lacks the tightness and advanced design of a Mario game, but as an indie game it embraces its one gameplay twist and delivers enough surprises to make it worth your time."

Chicago Tribune: eversion Review
"eversion should have spent more time trying to emulate the dynamic gameplay and engaging world of Braid, and less time milking it for jokey critique and unrealized game mechanic."

Cliffski’s Blog: Epic opinions
"I’ve mulled over whether to say anything at all, but if you can’t say what you think about the games industry when you own your own company, when can you?"

Gamasutra: Mindie -- Bridging The Gap Between Mainstream And Indie
"Many of my indie friends complain that it’s impossible to win the IGF without making a controversial game that has no chance of making money. Surely we can find a middle ground between these two opposed views."

Gamasutra: Indie Devs -- Making The Fulltime Transition Is Tough
"Indie developers Benjamin Rivers, Jim McGinley and Andy Moore discuss their transition from hobbyists to fulltimers, and the pros, cons, and challenges of the approaches they have chosen."

Rake in Grass: Archibald’s Adventures 2 under development
"Archibald’s Adventures 2 will be released for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and possibly PSP. We really like games like Knytt or Lyle in Cube Sector, and we were thinking about creating one big continuous map, made of many screens joined together."