Delve Deeper is a great single and multiplayer strategy game featuring dwarfs, mines and evil creatures. Over a number of turns, your task is to dig deep into the mountain, setting your team of dwarfs to work digging precious minerals and collecting ancient relics.

Each turn starts with the player placing a mine piece, connecting their caverns to deeper openings. Then your group of five dwarfs must be given tasks, be it mining gems for your cause, grabbing treasure or fighting nasties from the deep. After every player has had their turn, the monsters then have their go, honing in on the nearest player and trying to knock them unconscious.

There are lots of different tactics and strategies involved - for example, rather than placing a cavern piece to expand your territory, you can place it in another player's area, connecting their guys to a horde of baddies. You can even connect your place to another player's, enter their mines and battle other dwarfs for territory. The winner is the player who has collected the most gems and treasures by the end of the game.

Up to four players can battle on a single computer, hotseat style, or a single player can battle AI-controlled opponents. It's seriously good fun and quite unique - I certainly haven't seen anything like it before. Definitely worth checking out, especially for the $5 price tag. Download it here, or grab the demo.