kongregate.jpgAmerican video game retailer GameStop has bought Flash games site Kongregate. In a video over on the Kongregate site, co-founder Jim Greer gives details of the agreement, and what it means for the future of Kongregate and its users.

From what Jim says, not much will really change. The recently started GameStop rewards program - called PowerUp - will be integrated into the site, allowing players with amazing scores and achievements to win money prizes. The site will also soon lose the 'beta' tag with has been sat next to the logo for a rather long time. The revenue sharing scheme will still be in place and apparently completely untouched, so contributors can still earn their keep.

Jim is keeping the finer details underwraps for now, at least - he says that the amount GameStop paid for the site is "confidential". Hopefully a boost from Gamestop will allow even more great indie games to start popping up there soon. Check the official (and rather silly) announcement here.