A complete set of video presentations from No More Sweden 2010 held earlier this month are now available to watch online, featuring talks by developers like Crayon Physics creator Petri Purho, Bernhard Schulenberg (designer of Where is My Heart?), and Andreas Zecher (Understanding Games) among others. The list of recorded presentations that can be viewed are as follows:

Talking to People: Promotion for Indies
"Andreas Zecher holds a presentation on how indie game developers should try to work more on the promotion of their games."

Extremely Exlusive Preview of a Super Secret Game
"Petri Purho (of Crayon Physics fame) presents a super secret game that he has been developing on-and-off the last year."

I don’t care about your input: Making games that play themselves
"Martin Jonasson tells us about how he’s exploring games that takes none or little input from the player. Martin has created a lot of flash-based games that he puts online on his Prototyprally site."

Oxeye Game Studio Preview: DaisyMoon
"Jens Bergensten, programmer at Oxeye Game Studio, describes how their prototyping engine DaisyMoon became their main engine, and what kind of games they’ve created with it."

Niklas Åkerblad on The Art of Kometen
"Niklas Åkerblad has created an iPhone/iPad game called Kometen together with Erik Svedäng. Niklas held a presentation at No More Sweden explaining how he worked out the style for the game, as well as discussing the topic of game art in general."

Ciro Continisio on UFHO2
"Ciro Continisio presents his new game UFHO2 and his current plans."

Painting backwards: Anders Ekermo and Juha Kangas on Backworld
"Anders Ekermo and Juha Kangas presents their project Backworld, its conception and the technical solutions that puts it all together."

Bernhard Schulenburg: Designing Where is my Heart?
"Bernhard Schulenburg describes how he designed his new game Where is My Heart? and the difficulties he encountered."

Stuff I learned about making big games after making small games (direct video link)
"Michael Todd held a presentation about how he learned how to do big games after doing a lot of smaller games."