According to The Guardian, Zombie Cow's edutainment platformer Privates will be released on August 5th. You are right to be very surprised - that's just over a week away!

For anyone who has let Privates pass them by, it's a run-and-gun platformer based in the human body, in which small soldiers shoot STDs, sperm and other bodily wotsits. The Guardian ran a feature today on the game, stating that the game will be released on August 5th. There's no news on whether this is the release date for both the PC and Xbox 360 release, but we can safely assume that the PC edition at least will be gracing our monitors rather soonish.

Give that Guardian article a read, by the way - it is loveliness.

[Note: The Guardian article originally stated July 31st, and has since changed the date to August 5th.]