Totally Tiny Arcade is the new name for the updated version of Joystick Johnny, which was a collection of more than twenty minigames inspired by arcade classics from the 80's. Originally released back in 2007, the retitled game has been updated with numerous small fixes, graphical updates and gameplay improvements. Not only that, you can also get Totally Tiny Arcade for free if you download it before Monday. The only requirement here is that you provide a valid email address to receive the download link, and the developer has promised that no spam will be sent to your mail account.

These minigames aren't just straight remakes with minor graphical changes though. Similar to the WarioWare series, each game gets a bit more difficult with the introduction of new enemies or obstacles as you progress from one level to another.

Fans of arcade cabinets and coin-operated games should definitely not miss out this promotion. Get Totally Tiny Arcade for free here. (source: Warp Factor Awesome)