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Archive For August, 2010

Browser Game Pick: Langman (von Lehe Creative)

August 31, 2010 6:55 PM | Michael Rose


Langman is a platforming version of Hangman, with added platforminess. On each level the hero needs to reach the blocks marked with letters, before attempting to uncover the phrase at the top.

On the first few levels you'll already be at the letters, so it's a simple case of working out what the phrase is. Press space while standing on a block to select that letter, but watch out - if you choose an incorrect letter, the block will fall and you'll need to jump quickly to survive. Dropping off the screen counts as a guess used. Run out of guesses to lose.

On later levels, you'll need to use some of your spare guesses to move blocks around and create a path to the letters. It's pretty good fun, although the movement could use a little work - it's all too easy to mistime a jump and slip off the edge. Play here.

Test Drive Retro/Grade at PAX Prime (24-Caret Games)

August 31, 2010 5:00 PM | jeriaska

Rick Rocket has valiantly saved the planet from an alien invasion, but in vanquishing the encroaching horde's space battalion our hero has unwittingly disrupted the space-time continuum. In Retro/Grade you are tasked with reenacting Rocket's deep space exploits, only in reverse, in order to undo the damage to the cosmos and restore balance to the universe.

Retro/Grade is a rhythm action game built around the visual cues of a horizontal space shooter, and involves lining up your ship with the bullets it has fired as time flows in reverse. In allowing players to use either the SIXAXIS or guitar peripheral, the title adds a dose of versatility to piloting your vessel. 24 Caret Games' debut title is headed to the Playstation Network, and PAX Prime attendees will be among the first to give it a test drive, care of indie game designer Matt Gilgenbach.

Super Meat Boy Coming October 20th

August 31, 2010 12:12 PM | Michael Rose


Team Meat announced today that Super Meat Boy will be released via Xbox Live on October 20th as part of 'The Game Feast', which is a bit like Summer of Arcade, except, well, not in the summer. I know, less than two months away! I'm excited too.

Quick summary for the three people who have never heard of the game - you control Meat Boy on his quest to save Bandage Girl. It's a 2D platformer which involves lots of precision jumping, quick reactions and a whole lot of meaty blood splattering. It's all immensely good fun, and something you should definitely look forward to.

This picture was posted earlier today, with the promise that release dates for Steam/WiiWare will follow soon, plus how much the game will cost. I will of course update this post with all the details as they appear today.

Free Paint Apps: ASCIIPaint, TrashPaint, Monopoint

August 31, 2010 11:00 AM | Tim W.

We've featured a number of paint and modelling apps before (Sculptris, Cube Kingdom, Q-Block, Taro Paint), so here are three more to add to that list of useful free apps for quick art purposes.

Melly's ASCIIPaint (sample art featured above) is a Flixel-based paint program that allows users to draw ASCII characters on a plain black canvas, then saved as either a .TXT or .PNG file to be shared with others.

Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman's TrashPaint has been out for some time now, and this 5kb art application has proven to be effective for doing really quick sketches with basic brush strokes (sample art in the extended).

Last but not least is increpare's Monopoint, a monochromatic paint application from the creator of Opera Omnia and Ra Ra Racer. The dithering tool in this app is pretty fun to play around with, and you can even use hotkeys to switch between brush types and sizes quickly. Some art samples can be found here.

Quick links: ASCIIPaint, TrashPaint, Monopoint

Browser Game Pick: Cloud Control (Radix)

August 31, 2010 9:44 AM | Michael Rose


Cloud Control is a slow-paced puzzle game set in the sky. Players control a fluffy cloud which needs to touch all the other rainclouds to complete each level.

Unfortunately, there are also lots of nasty thunderclouds about, and touching one of those or leaving the side of the screen results in death. It starts off a little tame, but after six or seven levels begins to pick up speed, as you'll need to start surveying the scene before you move. Depending on the tight squeezes you'll need to fit through, planning the shape of your cloud is essential.

It's available to play at Newgrounds. Here is some recommended listening material for accompaniment.

Howard Glitch: The YouTube Indie Game

August 30, 2010 11:28 PM | Michael Rose


Howard Glitch isn't your average indie game, ohhh no. This browser game doesn't use Flash, or Unity, or any of your other fancy gaming engines - this game uses Youtube to play.

OK, so it's not the first game to use Youtube videos as a means of play, but it's definitely one of the most interesting I've seen. You're trapped in a doomed spaceship, and need to work out how to escape. Your remote pilot has fallen asleep, and now you're trapped on the shuttle which has no controls on board. The scene pans out in video form, until you need to make a decision - then you're given options to click. It all gets pretty weird, and you'll need fast reactions at certain points.

See what you make of it - go here to start.

Trailer: Treasure Treasure Fortress Forage (Ishisoft)

August 30, 2010 11:00 PM | Tim W.

With the release of Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage: Extra Edition for XBLIG just around the corner, Craig Forrester has decided to post up a couple of preview screenshots and a trailer for this upcoming two-player co-op puzzle platformer. The game essentially features the same map found in the original Windows version (with souped-up HD graphics), and will cost 80 MSP ($1) to purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

Gamasutra Hits 1 Million Monthly Readers, Adds Parkin, Morris, Orland To Editors

August 30, 2010 10:17 PM | Simon Carless

As sister site Gamasutra reaches the milestone of one million unique monthly readers and nearly 450,000 registered users, the leading video game art and business site is announcing notable new contributors including Simon Parkin, Chris Morris and Kyle Orland.

Cementing its position as the largest, most-trafficked website in the game development and business space, internal Omniture traffic numbers for July 2010 revealed over 3.3 million page views from more than 1 million unique readers for alone -- with hundreds of thousands of others reading related sites such as and

In addition, following the departure of editor at large Chris Remo to become Community Manager at Irrational Games (BioShock Infinite), the site has added multiple new contributors to bolster its cutting-edge coverage of all facets of the video game business.

Joining existing core staff -- including news director Leigh Alexander, senior news editor Kris Graft and features director Christian Nutt -- will be Simon Parkin as the site's European editor, providing UK-timed news and original reporting for the site.

Browser Game Pick: Seasons (Patrick Smith, Vectorpark)

August 30, 2010 12:00 PM | Tim W.

Seasons with Thomas is a nifty little Flash game from the creator of Windosill, featuring a white creature who rides a unicycle towards the direction of your mouse cursor. You can only move towards the right side of the screen at first, following the footsteps left behind by the skiers to proceed to the next area.

Each new location that you arrive at contains at least one interactive element for the player to toy around with. It doesn't really matter if you figure out what to do with all of the objects that you discover, and the game never restricts the player from moving forward and finding new content to be amused with.

There are twelve rooms to explore before the world loops back to the frozen pond. (source: Games You Should Play)

Browser Game Pick: Destroy the Brain (Anglia Ruskin University Team)

August 30, 2010 10:31 AM | Michael Rose

Destroy the Brain is exactly the type of game you want to wake up to on a Monday morning - a quick and clever arena-style shooter that sees you removing parts from the spinning mass in an attempt to get as close as possible to the brain and destroy it.

The game was created by a group of students at the Anglia Ruskin University, during a 24-hour gamejam. Guns fire back at you, but you can't die - hence, they're meant as more of a hinderance to stop you from accomplishing your goal. The idea is to blow up the brain in the centre as fast as possible. I managed an almighty 82 seconds, which I'm sure some of you lot will utterly thrash.

Go give it a play, it's a lot more tactical than it sounds.

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