In e7 players are assigned the mission of inflitrating an alien planet and disabling a bomb that has been targeted at Earth. This 2D platform game features roughly twenty levels to play and some clever implementation of puzzles and challenges, many of them centered around the idea of launching your ship high into the air after getting it to sink into the ground for a couple of seconds.

A health bar is shown at the top of the screen, but your ship will immediately explode into pieces if it comes in contact with any sharp object on the surface of the planet. Any damage inflicted upon your ship can be fixed by collecting fireflies, usually appearing after you've destroyed an enemy ship or two.

Although the game seems to imply otherwise, there is really only one ending to be discovered. Some may find the wall jump section to be unnecessarily difficult as well, which might cause more than a few people to quit even though they're halfway through the entire adventure already. (Kongregate mirror)