Jubilations, a new GROW game has been released! GROW Valley follows the same format as the rest of the GROW series, providing buttons and asking you to click them in whichever order you feel inclined. As you click each one, components will be added to the main scene via small, faceless people.

If you manage to click them all in the correct order, the valley will be fully built and you'll feel all good inside. If not, you need to work out how exactly each different person interacted with the land and each other person, and plan your attack better. I've always thought that the GROW series was probably the further from an actual game that I'd ever seen - it's more like pressing buttons on an exhibit in a museum, and watching the board in front of you light up with pretty colours. Still, it's fun to watch the world evolve.

Play over here, and don't forget there's an English version available by clicking English at the bottom.