Absolutely adore this one, up until the point where I got horribly stuck. Liferaft: Zero is set in a testing facility, where little girl clones are made to run, jump and swing their way around dangerous chambers.

It's all got an incredibly vibe to it, and there are lots of little details here and there that make it all the more entertaining - the scientists watching you from behind glass, sipping on cups of tea every now and again; The dialogue changing depending on how many girls you've managed to kill; The blood-stained spikes which get more and more soiled as you fail that swing for the umpteenth time... it's lovely stuff.

I managed to get hopelessly stuck on Trial 21, which tells you to hold up to achieve enough speed to reach the bell, but I couldn't for the life of me work out how that particular mechanic works. Still, I'm sure you lot will manage to work it out in an instant, and I'm just being incredibly stoopid.

It's here! Go play.