[Together] is Bean's entry for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition, where players have to help a pair of lovers pluck out hearts from the ocean and the skies. You would also have to actively avoid being swallowed by a giant worm that is chasing the couple, but a quick spin of the mouse will fend it off and give you some breathing space.

Acquiring a heart rewards you with a temporary burst ability that has to be used up before another heart will appear. Pressing the space key shows a status screen which also indicates the location of hearts still uncollected.

Charming as it is, the game does have a couple of glaring problems though. Chasing hearts can be an arduous task because of how fast they are able to change directions, and the worm is a constant bother that only serves to infuriate the player even further. All of your progress will be lost as well if you close or reload the browser window.