Nagnazul's You Have No Legs (Kongregate mirror) is a Metroid-style game where you play as Jack, an archaeology student who got himself trapped inside a cave after an earthquake incident during a visit to a dig site in Mexico. To complicate matters even further, Jack has no legs so moving around the labyrinth is going to take some effort from the player.

Fortunately our hero is able to travel from one place to another by dragging himself using his arms, and after grabbing a couple of power-ups to build up muscle strength and courage he can even climb walls or ceilings inside the maze. Once a map has been found, pushing the M key brings it up on screen for players to review and refine their plan of escape.

There are small pools of water that you can swim in to save your game, although it should be noted that any progress made during your last session will be completely wiped out the second that new game option at the main menu screen is clicked. Also don't forget to grab a feather (which makes Jack lighter) from the secret room located just to the left side of the area where your first power-up is acquired. This makes the game slightly easier to play, and you have one less location to backtrack to on your long list of rooms to revisit.

Together with Radial Plus and Icarus Proudbottom, You Have No Legs is just one of the forty games created for Something Awful's Game Development Challenge (in which it placed first).