I stumbled across this quite by accident and, while there isn't a great deal to see as of yet, it's enough to make me interested. Sleep begins with a car speeding down a country lane, and although we don't see it, it's safe to assume that the driver loses control and crashes.

What follows is the protagonist trying to work out where they are and what has happened to them. The first few minutes consist of text and flashing images - for anyone who gets stuck, the idea is to 'focus' on an image by repeatedly tapping the appropriate button. Once the hero has pictured all the different memories, he's thrown into what appears to be a flashback.

There's a few areas to run around and interact with once you're into the flashback, but at this point the demo appears to run out of content - this is only an early build for the IndieCade competition. Note that the game prefers that you use an Xbox controller, although it's not essential - you can use UIJK for the coloured buttons, and the regular WASD for movement.

Give it a download from the official site and see what you think.