Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks is a 2D adventure game created by Shane Stevens, an accomplished pixel artist who also contributed sprite work for some of Wadjet Eye Games releases. The story is about a fleet commander named Jack Hardin, who was carrying out a routine space mission when his ship was caught by a powerful beam originating from the planet Fallux V. This mysterious force is also slowly draining the ship's energy, so he and his crew must beam down to the surface of the planet and discover the source of the beam before the ISC Penetrator is destroyed.

Throughout the course of the mission you will be expected to perform your duty as an ISC Captain in a professional manner. Deviating too far from this path may earn you a demerit, while showing exemplary performance may earn you an award. At the end of the mission your decisions will be weighed and a rank bestowed upon you, meaning that the ending could be slightly different depending on how the adventure pans out.

Note that the game is full of sexual innuendos, so only play this at night when your parents are sound asleep. There's a puzzle in the Transputter Room that just might be too difficult to solve, but the walkthroughs supplied here and here should be able to get through that part if followed to the letter. (Windows, 37.3MB)