Ikaros Tonight is a 2D platformer created by Dot Zo Games, developer of Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Xbox Live Indie Games release Ninja Bros. The objective of the game is to collect keys that'll unlock the exit door in each area, advancing from one stage to another until you've beaten every single level or run out of lives. Yellow orbs can be used to boost you upwards, and tapping the left or right cursor key rapidly while Icarus is still in the air causes him to float back down to the ground at a slower speed.

A large gem that rewards the player with an extra life will only appear after you've collected three small gems in a row, and a reset key (tab) is included for situations where you're stuck on a platform with no way to reach the exit. A password is provided to the player for every ten levels completed, and you can input this code to skip levels quickly or resume playing from a certain point the next time you run the game. Download Ikaros Tonight here. (Windows, 2.66MB)