Created for the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge, Radial Plus is an lovingly polished space shooter with a twist - you can't shoot directly an enemies, but instead you must bounce your shots off a wall and into them.

The arrow keys move the ship, while the mouse aims, shoots and boosts. It's a great little journey, made all the better by the high quality visuals - it may be a game made entirely of simple coloured blocks and backgrounds, but there are some lovely effects on show. I particular like how the sound becomes muted whenever you leave an airlock and drift into space.

It can get a little difficult as enemy fire starts to bounce all over the place, but as long as you're not hit twice in quick succession, your ship will continue chugging along. The above video shows an entire playthrough, so it's best not to watch it all the way through if you're planning on giving it a go. Download the game from here. (Source: Pixelatron)