Originally created as a Ludum Dare competition entry, To Hell with Johnny is a 2D action game that tells the story of a football player who has to rescue his girlfriend Brianne from a group of demonic creatures. This requires descending from the top of a tall tower one platform at a time, and being very careful about where you land on.

You will start to lose health if you touch any of the enemies patrolling the area, but the one thing players should be especially wary about is the skulls and crossbones item that'll kill Johnny instantly when collected. Fortunately our hero regains a small amount of health for each platform that he steps on, and acquiring a medikit item also restores his strength to full capacity.

The indiePub version of To Hell with Johnny features updated graphics, new enemies, more traps, adjustable difficulty settings, secrets, and even an accessibility menu for configuring options like constrast, game speed and alternate control schemes. (Windows, 26.6MB)