Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual indie-related oddities from around the 'net. (image source)

GamesYouShouldPlay: Games You Should Play
"GamesYouShouldPlay is a collection of games you should play. Curated by Robert Fearon, it is as much here to explore his own personal tastes as it is to entertain visitors."

TIME: 50 Best Websites 2010
"Cactus Squid is the online repository for the games of Jonatan Söderström, creator of a wonderfully quirky and utterly creative series of free arcade-style games. The must-download is Arcade 2.0, which groups together 18 of Söderström's games into one downloadable package."

Aztez Development Blog: The Update
"I'm now rocking this thing out with Matthew Wegner, aka the head of Flashbang. It's a perfect fit because he is down the street from me and itching to have a rad game to work on since he is also freelancing."

Wadjet Eye Games: Question for the fans
"I'm definitely working on the next Blackwell game (pictured). And as for graphics, I'm working with Ben Chandler. He's made a big splash in the indie adventure game scene with tons of simple-but-evocative games like Eternally Us and Featherweight."

Kazamax Studios: More than $85,000 in prizes waiting out there
"During these days there's a lot of contests where you could get an extra revenue with your flash game. We're going to talk about monthly and weekly contests (the ones that you can get into each month) and then about current contests (the ones that could only happen once in a lifetime)." When Game Developers Go Indie, Everybody Wins
"Jamie Cheng founded Klei Entertainment in a basement he was renting from a friend. Five years later, Klei is 16 people working in a proper office in downtown Vancouver. On Tuesday Klei released its biggest game yet: Shank, a gory hard-core action game that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon on steroids."

P-XCEL: simple on-model texture editor
"P-XCEL is a simple texture editor that allows you to paint and adjust the textures directly on the model. You can export the model with it's textures nicely packed together for use in your games immediately."

QCF Design: Desktop Dungeons v0.145 update
"I had a bit of time earlier this week to stop working on the Unity version of DD and go back to the freeware version for some quick changes. I also added a new Gauntlet mode that’s hopefully going to scale well for veterans and super-veterans alike."

Bitmob: The Indie Scene, A to Z -- The 'U' Stream
"In what started off as a tough letter to find games for, U ended up delivering a great trio of games...a couple of which I still can’t wait to jump back into. When I come across a couple gems, like I did this time, it's a win for all of us."