Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

distractionware: Take me down to Nexus City
"Nexus City is an RPG set in an alternate Arizona, and I’ve been working on it for the last ten days or so with Jonas Kyratzes (creator of Phenomenon 32). We’re hoping to have it finished in a couple of weeks."

The Witness: Island Shrinkage
"In the previous update we talked about how, despite the fact that The Witness is an open-world game, we are trying to make the environment as compact as possible. Today we took a step in that direction by moving some areas around and compacting the island, changing its shape a bit."

The Shank Blog: Costume Unlocks and More Music
"By satisfying different requirements, you’ll be able to unlock costumes throughout the game. We’re going to reveal all the details of what the costumes are and how to unlock them, one day at a time, through our Twitter account."

Gamasutra: The Difficulty of Understanding A World That Can't Exist
"Indie game designer Alexander Bruce is showing off a mind-boggling, space-warping first-person game to an audience that is unsure if they are amazed or baffled or both. Bruce's demonstration of his work-in-progress, Hazard: The Journey of Life, explores a potential of digital space far more detached from reality than video games traditionally explore." Freeplay 2010 Awards awarded Sturdiest Trophy
"I’ve joined forces with Irrational Games co-founder Jon Chey on an all new, totally secret project. All I can tell you is that it is rad, and that you will love it with all your heart."

Ludus Novus: Fundraising
"I’m thinking of doing something to bring in a bit of extra money, and one option is to sell a CD-ROM printed-on-demand containing all of my already-released games. I’d also make the games ad-free, of course."

increpare games: Donating
"I have added a donate button, and every donation counts since I do not have much in the way of savings. If you have any other suggestions as to ways I might make money (without compromising my work), I would be interested in hearing from you."

Gamasutra: Judging Games On Length
"Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng gathers prominent independent developers in a simultaneous group discussion on what critics expect from game length, calling for a halt on the critical tendency to weigh or value a game according to its duration or content volume."

Indie Superstar: Diametrically Opposed Indie Shmups Fight for Justice
"Matthew Doucette (Duality ZF) and Christopher Emirzian (XOP Black) design their own shmups, hoping to shape and sustain the genre’s future. Their fanbase is growing and their attention to their craft has garnered them massive respect. We discover that even in the various shmup sub-genres, successful developers can have strikingly similar goals and opinions."

Pixel Prospector: The Big List Of Indie Marketing And Business Tips
"A collection of links related to indie marketing and business things."