Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual indie-related oddities from around the 'net. (image source)

The Witness: Why aren’t video games satisfying
"Why can’t video games give me a powerful, high-density experience, so that after 3 hours I am satisfied, I feel like I have had enough? This post is part of an industry-wide commentary by indie developers on the subject of short games."

Super Meat Boy: Status update 2, Code complete
"We hope to hit content complete in the next week, and if all goes well we should have a release date to announce by PAX. The Steam version will come out one month after the XBLA version."

Girl Gamers Suck: The Unlockable Indie Game Characters of Super Meat Boy
"Team Meat have been working hard to include an onslaught of unlockable characters from past indie video games. To access the full roster, players will have to collect band-aid pick ups strewn about various levels."

Gamasutra: Jolly Rover, Last Hope Take Top Honors At Freeplay Awards
"Organizers of Melbourne's Freeplay independent games event in Melbourne have revealed the winners of their inaugural global indie game competition, praising the range and quality of all the entrants."

Gamasutra: Three Student Teams Named Dare To Be Digital Winners
"'Dare to be Digital,' a yearly game design competition for students organized by Abertay University in Scotland, has revealed its winners, and three student projects will get a £2,500 cash prize -- plus nominations for BAFTA's Ones To Watch award."

Gamasutra: Carlsen On Making Players Your Worst Enemy And Your Best Friend
"Limbo level designer Jeppe Carlsen considers the player his worst enemy, but also his best friend. Through simplicity of control, but also by frequently leading players to their untimely demise, the 9-person Danish team at Playdead created a challenging XBLA title with over 300,000 copies sold thus far."

GamerBytes: IGF Student Showcase Winner zeit² Finds Publisher, Coming To XBLA
"Back in 2009 a little game called zeit² burst into the Independant Games Festival, becoming a showcase winner for the year. Now it appears that they've found a publisher, and in all likeliness it will be coming to consoles."

GameSetWatch: Item Shop RPG Releasing On Impulse Next Month
"Carpe Fulgur has announced that it will release Recettear, its intriguing PC RPG in which players manage an item shop, through Stardock's digital distribution platform Impulse on September 10th, if all goes according to plan."

Tilt at Windmills: Blue Lacuna Source Code
"The source code to Blue Lacuna is now publicly available as a browseable webpage, downloadable PDF, and compileable archive."

Mochi Media: Mochi Wants To Translate Your Game
"Mochi Media is offering developers the opportunity to localize and translate your game for the China market. With the help of our parent company we are offering this service at no cost to the developer community."