Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Norwegian Game Awards 2010: Winners
"The 2010 edition of Norwegian Game Awards is over. The winners were announced at the Grande Finale on the 27th of August and are presented here."

Indie Superstar: Good to the Last Drop
"This final installment of our 2010 Water Cooler series introduces Felix Bohatsch of Broken Rules, Matt Gilgenbach of 24 Caret Games, and Phil Hassey of Galcon fame."

Temple of the Roguelike: The Serial Killer Roguelike Hoax
"There are lots of other real projects which yell for attention and feedback for years, yet never receive the kind of input it wasted. If the guy making PrivateerASCII retooled it as FireflyRL he’d make a killing."

Frictional Games: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gone Gold
"We at Frictional Games are happy to announce that Amnesia: The Dark Descent has gone gold. We are extremely pleased with our creation and cannot wait to unleash our bundle of madness on the 8th of September."

Spyeart: Go Go Dream Samurai
"Go Go Dream Samurai is my newest game. It's built on the concept of Silent Skies, a game I built for GAMMA IV in December of '09."

GamerBytes: Xbox Indies - Gravitron 360
"Way back in 2008 Dark Castle Software released Gravitron 2 on Steam, a space shooter in the vein of Lunar Lander and Asteroids. Now it's become available for Xbox Live Indies games -- intact, and super cheap. For 80MSP it's a bargain and plays pretty well with an Xbox 360 controller."

The Reticule: Rein - An Interview with Darius Poyer
"I have talked about Rein before, the short adventure game created by Darius Poyer. It first appeared on the Adventure Game Studio forums and was recently featured on the cover discs of PC Gamer and PC Zone. I took the chance to ask Darius a few questions about Rein and his plans to continue the story."

Pachinko Pictures: Indie Gains
"Freeplay is a games festival that has been running for around five years now. The event provides a great environment for the local development community to come together and talk about their current projects, and in the process raise the level of awareness about current game development activity here in Australia."

Super Meat Boy: Content Complete
"As of this week, Super Meat Boy is now content complete. We will also finally announce our official release date and price in a few days."