Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of competition announcements, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Blackrat Studios: Cube the Game
"Cube the Game is a 3D recreation of the 1997 Canadian horror movie of the same name. With 15625 rooms in total, understanding the clues that you gather is essential."

indiePub Games: Submissions over, voting begins
"The submission period for the developer contest is now over. Now it's time to try out all of the games at the contest game page and vote on the Community Favorite."

Casual Gameplay: CGDC8 Entries are now online
"All Casual Gameplay Design Competition game entries are now available to play immediately on the competition page. Winners of the competition will be announced in three weeks' time."

Experimental Gameplay Project: There will be Zero Buttons in August
"We’re upping the stakes this month with a zero button challenge. There may be a ton of waggle-only games coming to a console near you, but it’s something PC developers have yet to really grapple with."

GameSetWatch: Osmos for iPhone Demonstrated, Releasing August 5th
"Those of you hoping to play Osmos on your iPhone/iPod Touch won't have to wait long -- the studio announced that it releases for the handsets on August 5th." Fish Squid Time Machine
"I dearly love the SYNSO series, and was very glad for this excuse to work with it. Rob’s games clearly play as and how he wants, and the delight he takes in his work shines through. With Fish Squid Time Machine I think I’ve finally made a Fishie game that makes me happy."

Chronic Logic: Gish updated, 64-bit linux support and you pick the price
"Gish v1.6 has been updated to include over 50 community levels, 64-bit Linux support and best of all, you choose the price."

Radical Poesis Games & Creations: Immortal Defense Now Pay-Whatever-You-Want
"Immortal Defense, our story-based tower defense strategy game, is now available at whatever price you'd like to pay for it (with a minimum of $1.75 to cover fees). This is not a sale, but a test of using this model as a permanent price."

rgbFilter: Indie Gaming Celebrated at Hand Eye Society Social
"The indie gaming scene in Toronto is exploding, and rgbFilter has covered one of local Hand Eye Society’s latest socials, featuring extensive play footage of special guest Messhof’s new game, Nidhogg."