Abandon Hope Games describes their game Perdition as a side-scrolling platformer set in Hell, and the development team is hoping to achieve their Kickstarter goal of $10,000 in the next three days (they're just short of $2,500 in fund pledges). The funds will be used to acquire all of the software licenses they need to produce Perdition, and if all goes well they plan to have it launched on the Xbox Live Arcade once the game is completed.

Studio Pepwuper is seeking funds to developed a "family-oriented" stealth adventure game for the iPhone and web browsers (most likely using the Unity engine). Called The Giant of the River Thames, the team is looking to raise enough funds for this Kickstarter project so that they may realize their dreams of creating non-violent games that'll appeal to both children and adults. A playable demo is available online to try out, and any funds received will be spent on prepping a full game for release on their targeted platforms.