With the release of Osmos last week for iPhone, musician Mat Jarvis reminds us that music tracks for the ambient puzzle title remain available for free streaming and download online. Earlier this year the website CreateDigitalMusic together with Hemisphere Games tied together eight background music tracks into a freely available, gapless audio odyssey, fifty minutes in length. The downloadable mp3 file includes music by Julien Neto, Loscil, Gas and High Skies.

The latter two artist names have been used by Jarvis at various times ("Discovery" is now fifteen years-old) as part of his online label Microscopics. "The Shape of Things to Come" was written as part of an experimental music album in which every piece of music was specified to be six minutes long, in the key of A Minor and with as few rhythmic elements as possible. This allowed individual pieces to be played on top of one another in an inexhaustible number of combinations.

The gapless audio track can be found on CreateDigitalMusic.