I don't usually post about games that are this early on in development, but the concept behind Damzel has really got my attention. Players take on the role of a bodyguard in a procedurally generated city, and are given the task of assessing their surroundings and protecting their VIP.

Described as a cross between Syndicate, ICO and Rainbow Six, the game aims to create a living world around you, filled with NPCs which are controlled by an AI director. Each VIP has different social backgrounds and views on how situations should be handled, so when a threat is detected, you must decide how much force to use in keeping the VIP safe. Players also command the rest of the protecting squad, and must tactically place their team to maximise coverage.

All the details can be found on the MindFlock site. Right now there's simply the above screenshot and the concept in full, but hopefully we'll see something playable sometime in the near future.