Power of Two's Dwarfs is a real-time strategy game that's all about mining and resource management, where players are given command over a group of miners to guide and direct while they search for precious gold in a randomly-generated underground dungeon. When not issued with an order, a digger will explore on his own accord and automatically loot any treasure rooms that he finds, but you need to keep an eye on them because they can drown in water or burned by hot molten lava.

Everytime you discover a new cave (marked by black squares on the map), there is a chance of it containing enemies, treasure, water or lava. Rooms with water and lava need to be closed off using walls and dynamites, and if not done quickly enough the liquid will flow through any open corridors until they flood the entire tunnel system that you've been building up throughout the entire game.

Gold is the main currency in Dwarfs, and you'll be needing lots of it even if just to issue a move order to one of your dwarves. You can train warriors to fight off any goblins terrorizing the diggers, and a bell can be used to summon them back to the town hall to defend your base of operations.

A playable beta build of Dwarfs is available to download from Power of Two's official site, and the full version of the game will be released on Steam and American retail by Tripwire Interactive (publisher of ACE Team's Zeno Clash) sometime in October 2010.