Here are a couple of weekend deals that we think should be brought to your attention before they expire next week. Cogs is currently on sale at Impulse for a discounted price of $6 (40% off the original price of $10). Gratuitous Space Battles is 75% off in Steam's Weekend Deal, bringing the price down from $20 to just $5. You can get all three expansion packs for the game (The Order, The Swarm and The Tribes) for an additional $1.25, or buy them separately at $1.50 each. Both Cogs and GSB discounts expire on Monday.

Amanita Design is running a Machinarium Amnesty sale that offers customers a copy of their game for all three operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) plus the soundtrack for only $5 (75% off the original price of $20). This promotion ends on August 12th.

Last but not least is Immortal Defense's Pay-What-You-Want sale, where you can snag a copy of the game at any price from $1.75 onwards (to cover processing and transaction fees charged by the service provider). No end date set for this offer, and there's a lengthy demo that you can try out before deciding on a purchase.