Shot Shot Shoot is Erik Svedäng's (Blueberry Garden) new two-player action game for the iPad, where the objective is to destroy all five squares on your opponent's side of the field before they do the same to you. Players can choose to overwhelm their adversary with a large wave of bullets, or attempt to guide a single shot towards the target with more precision. You can set up a match against an AI-controlled opponent with adjustable difficulty, and there's even a comprehesive strategy guide that explains everything you need to know about the game.

The video above shows a Shot Shot Shoot competition between a group of indie game developers, which was probably recorded sometime during No More Sweden 2010 (a few of them are sporting the same shirts they wore for their NMS presentations). Participants spotted in the clip include former IGF Grand Prize winner Petri Purho, the entire Oxeye Games team, Kian Bashiri (You Have to Burn the Rope), Mårten Brüggemann and Emil Berner (Fret Nice), Daniel Kaplan (Bob Came in Pieces), and Andreas Zecher (Understanding Games).

Shot Shot Shoot is available now from the App Store for only a dollar. (source)