Recording and editing trailers for your upcoming indie game won't require the purchase of expensive software (CamStudio and VirtualDub are both free and recommended), but many indie game developers still choose to leave out this important step from their to-do lists. If edited correctly, a short trailer can explain how your game works better than most screenshots and text.

PixelProspector had posted up a useful guide on how to record and edit gameplay videos for your projects, but they apply to the creation of game trailers as well. There is a selection of recorders and editors to pick from, which is always helpful when a particular software refuses to work properly on your operating system or video configuration.

A few things are missing from the guide (hiding the mouse cursor when recording, adjusting the volume level, adding background music), but the tutorial videos will get you started with recording and editing videos in just a matter of minutes regardless of which software you opt for.

How To Record And Edit Gameplay Videos (PixelProspector)