[UPDATE: The competition is over, and congratulations have been dished out to the winners. If you didn't manage to grab a free code, you should still check the game out - it's fun and it glows all sorts of crazy colours]

Swarm Arena was released via Steam last week. It's an arena shooter which is less shooter, more tactical. Taking control of a glowing organism, you move around the arena, collecting swarms of neon thingies and then unleashing them on other organisms. It's a great deal of fun and definitely worth checking out.

Developer Dedication Games has blessed us with several Steam codes to download the game for free, so we thought we'd pass them on to you guys in the form of a Twitter competition. Follow IndieGames.com on Twitter from 5pm GMT onwards and we'll start throwing them out for your first come, first served pleasure.

For more details on the game, check out the official Swarm Arena Steam page.