Ute (not safe for work) is a simple adult Flash game in which you play as a young woman advised by her grandmother to seek out sexual escapades before finally settling down to a life of marital bliss. The way it works is that you try to entice a man to follow you into a small alleyway, and the sexual act will commence the second the both of you are out of public view.

Scoring points require timing your keypresses to a specific rhythm, but you'll need to satisfy your partner before some random passerby spots a familiar face committing infidelity in the shadows. The last person on the streets to have their heart broken will be married to you, and your grandmother will tally your achievements before the final score is posted to an online leaderboard.

Though cartoony in nature and full of caricatures, the game pulls no stops in depicting many of the sexual scenes in a very graphical manner. Similar to Lea Schönfelder's Ulitsa Dimitrova (IGF 2010 student showcase finalist, SOWN 2010 selection, Fantastic Arcade spotlight finalist), Ute is definitely not a game for kids.