Camelon is a 2D arcade game in which you have to help the disembodied head of a creature collect every heart in each level, all the while trying to avoid a collision with spikes or other enemies.

Moving the protagonist around requires tilting the entire screen left or right, so that the effects of gravity are shifted in your favour. Some enemies may be affected by changes in the orientation of a stage, but most are anchored to their initial spots or are able to travel freely inside the room.

You're not completely defenseless against these creatures either. In your arsenal is an indestructible umbrella that can be utilized as a weapon for knocking out many of the enemies that you will encounter (but not all). The parasol is also useful for repositioning yourself or reducing the speed of your descent while floating in mid-air.

There are only twenty-four levels to play in total, and your progress is automatically saved every time a stage is successfully beaten. Download Camelon here (use 7-Zip to unzip files with .lzh extensions). A manual for the game is also available online, and you can read a translation of it by clicking here. (Windows, 0.49MB)