Gigadeep is a new 2D platformer from the developer of Houkaimura (Breaking Town) and MinishoterRS, created in the style of Capcom's Mega Man Zero series. Peposoft's game features eight standard levels (plus two side stages), upgrades that can be purchased from the shop, boss abilities to add to your repertoire of skills, and unlockable characters that play differently from one another.

Though this collaborative project looks incredibly impressive for a freeware release, there are a couple of glitches and game-breaking bugs here that could seriously ruin your enjoyment of it. Playing it on easy doesn't help that much either, since death is instantaneous every time you accidentally touch a row of spikes (you can use the anchor shot ability to break them though).

The jump upgrade should be the first thing you purchase from the shop, and more abilities can be unlocked by collecting the secret research notes that you find throughout your mission. If you receive a pxPlay.mfx error while trying to start a game, placing a msvcr71.dll in your Windows/System folder should solve that particular problem for you. Download Gigadeep from here. (Windows, 206MB)