Created in 2 hours for a Poppenkast competition, The Frenzy Defense is an utterly ballistic tower defense game that mixes simplicity with hectic gameplay. Provided with four cores to protect, hundreds of baddies then start charging, and you really won't last very long at all.

There are only two types of towers to build - a simple blaster that costs $10, and a more powerful launcher that'll set you back $100 and is automatically bought when you have a specific amount of cash. More money can be obtained by killing the hordes, and you'll need to spend everything you earn rapidly to keep the attackers back.

It's incredibly difficult to cover all four cores, although the action gets considerably easier when you only have a single core left, as you can surround it with towers and keep replenishing those which are destroyed. You can also right-click to bombard the enemy, but that costs a bit of cash and is more of a last resort move.

I managed 2:01 (121 points), but a minute of that was spent with the single core left. Play and enjoy.