Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual indie-related oddities from around the 'net. (image source)

GamerBytes: Machinarium Coming To WiiWare
"After being pushed away from the Xbox Live Arcade and still in discussion for the PlayStation Network, Machinarium is now officially headed to a console -- via WiiWare. The game is being handed over from the original Amanita Design Studio and is being ported by XGen Studios."

Indie Superstar: Play Japan’s SOWN Experimental Gameplay Picks
"Here’s more information than you can possibly obsess over for all of the announced Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN) 2010 presenters."

GameSetWatch: Solutions To Student Ownership And The DigiPen IP Problem
"In this analysis, attorney Mona Ibrahim examines how DigiPen and other game schools manage student-created IPs -- and why these institutions need to change their policies to ensure that students are given due credit for their work."

David Newton: Selling a Flash game
"Clickteam's inclusion of the MochiAds feature in the Flash exporter is a very welcome way of making a bit of money back from your Flash games, but there's another way of getting something back from your creations if you don't mind waiting a little longer for the process - finding someone who's willing to sponsor your game."

The Shank Blog: Update on Shank PC
"Everyone’s been asking us how the PC version of Shank is coming along, and I’m happy to say that Shank on the PC is coming to Steam. EA is still not quite ready to spill the beans on the release date, but it’s getting close."

The Word of Notch: Working on a Friday update, crying over Paypal
"Paypal limited my account for unspecified reasons and asked me for a bunch of vague documents. They told me it’d take up to two more weeks for it to get resolved, and that if they decide something bad’s being going on, they’re going to keep the money."