Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Destructoid: La Mulana is like... what?
"This is the biggest, broadest, item-packed 2D platformer that I've played in years. The game is coming to WiiWare any second now, so you'll get to see for yourself soon enough."

Monaco: Wanna be a voice over star in Monaco?
"I'm putting out an open call for voice over artists. This is a paid position, the amount depending on your experience and how much I love your voice."

Destructoid: Cave Story WiiWare dev - I want to make more Cave Story
"Tyrone Rodriguez and Pixel have been bouncing a few ideas around; bringing more Pixel games to consoles, putting Cave Story on more consoles, tweaking the pre-existing WiiWare version of the game, and tooling around with the very different, rarely seen Cave Story Beta."

Business News Daily: Makers of the Video Game Flower Are Now in Full Bloom
"Small developers struggle to compete in a $20 billion video game industry dominated by behemoths such as Electronic Arts and Activision. But one of them, thatgamecompany, has found both commercial success and critical acclaim by making games that don't play the way anything else on the market does."

GameSetWatch: Second Episode Of King's Quest-Inspired Fangame Released
"Phoenix Online Studios has released the Two Households, the second episode of its King's Quest-inspired adventure game The Silver Lining. Both episodes are available to download and play for free from the game's official site."

Gamasutra: Nimbly Games On Indie Aerial Combat Title Altitude
"Gamasutra spoke to Nimbly Games' Erik Measure as part of a continuing series on this year's PAX 10 inductees - discussing Altitude's take on online multiplayer, the pros and cons of independent development, and the team's plans for future titles."

Unity Technologies Blog: Unity 3 Release Real Soon Now
"Happy news here from Unity HQ: Unity 3 is nearly ready. This means we’re wrapping up this cycle and shipping soon."

Joystiq: PixelJunk Shooter 2 preview
"Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert was mum on when we can expect the PSN sequel, but he did showcase a bevy of new features we can expect in the Shooter follow-up."